Fitness Club

Exclusive for our valuable guests looking for higher values beyond visible perfection, the Fitness Club provides a high-quality place for workouts and social activities.

  • Physical Activity Zone
      Physical Activity Zone

      The Fitness Club is equipped with around 100 pieces of exercise equipment by the Italian premium fitness equipment brand TechnoGym. It consists of the Cardio Zone, Strength Training Zone, and Stretching Zone. Experience your own customized workout program through body composition analysis and differentiated private lessons courtesy of our professional personal trainers.

      Operating Hours: 6:00am–9:30pm

      Group Exercise Zone

      You can join a variety of group lesson programs such as yoga and aerobics in our Group Exercise Room with a high ceiling and bright lights.

      Operating Hours: 6:00am–9:30pm

    • Pilates Room
      Pilates Room

      We have the latest Pilates equipment models from Balanced Body. You can have a one-on-one lesson with a professional instructor in a private room.

      Operating Hours: 6:00am–9:30pm

    • Sauna

      The natural wood and marble-based interior design make our Sauna even more exclusive. We provide a higher level of relaxation through various themed baths, private showers, open-air baths, and garden.

      Operating Hours: 6:00am–10:00pm

    • Pool

      You can enjoy the natural sunlight even indoors. Enjoy a wellness lifestyle in our Indoor Pool, boasting high-quality water, a spacious indoor swimming pool, and state-of-the-art facilities such as a jacuzzi, tanning machines, and body showers.

      Operating Hours: 6:00am–9:30pm

    • * Closed on the first Tuesday of every month and for Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok
    • * Only guests aged 16 and above are allowed to enter the Fitness Club (including Indoor Pool and Sauna).
    • * To ensure that all club members and guests can use the Fitness Club in a pleasant atmosphere, persons with tattoos that may cause discomfort to other customers are not allowed to enter the Imperial Palace Seoul Fitness Club.


  • TEL+82 2 3440 8203